2017 December. Page #1. Latest story: Trump Halts $13 Billion Obama Amtrak Plan Despite Calls For Infrastructure Spending in 2018

'Multiple Deputies Down' in Colorado Shooting, Officials Say

The New York Times | Sunday December 31, 2017

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office said it had no update on the condition of the deputies and said the gunman was not in custody.

Trump's global credibility is shot

Reddit | Sunday December 31, 2017


She was a triathlete in great shape, so why was she breathless, lightheaded and in pain?

The Washington Post | Sunday December 31, 2017

Exercise-induced respiratory symptoms are fairly common in adolescents and young adults, yet this condition, which has been recognized since the early 1980s, is often missed by physicians.

For Trump, a Year of Reinventing the Presidency

The New York Times | Sunday December 31, 2017

In ways that were once unimaginable, President Trump has discarded the conventions and norms established by his predecessors. Will that change the institution permanently?

Glitch in South Carolina Lottery Could Mean $19.6 Million in Winnings

The New York Times | Sunday December 31, 2017

A computer error caused a lottery game to produce too many winning tickets and now the state has set aside nearly $20 million in payouts as it decides what to do.

More trouble for ‘Nigerian prince’: La. police say they caught scam’s middle man.

The Washington Post | Saturday December 30, 2017

Michael Neu, 67, has been charged with 269 counts of wire fraud and money laundering.

Star Wars lightsaber might be possible in theory, but keep it out of thunderstorms

The Washington Post | Saturday December 30, 2017

Anyone who tries to use a plasma blade to stop lightning would be prone to direct hits that could cause severe burns, burst blood vessels and cardiac arrest, a physicist said.