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What to asses prior to deciding a strategy?

Remember that although it may seem like other players are playing too many hands, this isn’t necessarily true. Rather, a lot of players play too few hands at given points in the game. These are essentially the spots for you to pick up big pots by bluffing heavily. mamasboyct.com is a great site to avail more information.

Assessing opponents

And if your opponent happens to be one of those tight players who folds when you bet only small amounts with quality cards, then congratulations — finding and exploiting these situations should bring you a long way toward profiting.

Sometimes, it’s better not to bluff than others because your opponents don’t expect them and thus give more action from their good hands.

In other words, if everyone is checking around when there are enough face-up cards that could hit someone’s hand on board, then consider betting when they don’t expect it because the chances are very high that they’re thinking about folding their hand at that point.

Knowing when to fold

Know when to fold (or knowing what hands to bluff with). There are many scenarios where it doesn’t make sense to try and pull off a bluff because you’ll either lose the pot right away or you won’t be able to gain much from it — this is especially true for big bluffs that are made preflop.

For instance, if you raise preflop with AA, then people will generally call your bets until the river even if they have weaker pairs than yours; therefore, making such bluffs isn’t worth it because most of the time, these players won’t fold even on the river even though they don’t have anything better than you.

And although these types of big bluffs won’t necessarily result in a loss, they aren’t the type of situation you can profit from over time.


But then there are situations where small amounts of betting can lead to big pots because the chances that people will fold their hands (in fear) are higher than normal.

For example: if you check with AA and re-raise pre-flop with ~40BB on board and three callers (e.g., QQ, A5s, KJ), then this could be worth it if your opponent folds between 50% and 70% of the time even after seeing 2 or more cards.

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